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Inc Magazine
Should You Stake Your Claim in a Virtual World?

"The in-world economy has grown this year while the rest of the world was on the decline. It's the world's largest virtual marketplace." more

Inc. Magazine – January 25, 2010

USA Today
Companies turn to virtual trade shows to save money

"You can see people interacting. You bump into people,"more

USA Today January 5, 2010

ZDNet Asia
Businesses get a Second Life

"Like Facebook and Twitter, Second Life is a social tool. What makes Second Life unique is the immersive and rich experience it offers as a tool for communication, collaboration and more." more

ZDNet Asia – December 16, 2009

Second Life Steps Into The Enterprise

"What you've got with a virtual environment is that it's completely immersive. There's depth to what we're doing," more

InformationWeek – November 4, 2009

Financial Times
Linden Lab’s work-Second Life balance

“Out of the box, the system comes with content such as meeting rooms and conference areas, which are just ready to go" more

Financial Times – November 4, 2009

Second Life Takes Virtual Reality Behind the Firewall at IBM, Navy

"Second Life Enterprise includes LDAP integration, intranet-grade authentication and central access controls for protecting proprietary information and managing content created in the 3D worlds" more

EWeek – November 4, 2009

Linden Lab launches enterprise version of Second Life virtual world

"benefits of using the Second Life Enterprise include holding meetings, staging conferences, training people, collaborating, prototyping and simulating. Users can create their own avatars, or characters, and move about in a 3-D environment. They can talk using spatial voice technology, meaning things get louder the closer you get to someone talking. There are seven pre-packaged virtual regions for enterprise users to explore, including an all-hands auditorium, two conference centers, and a number of other spaces" more

VentureWeek – November 3, 2009

Will Second Life Make it Easier for Business Users to Get in and Become Functional?

“As far as the Second Life offering is concerned”, noted Collins, “we have a SaaS model where we host Second Life and you can use it as a service. Then, we also have a behind the firewall system, which we’re currently in our second phase of deployment in a closed beta right now. But, that allows you to run Second Life behind your firewall, on your own network, completely stand-alone.” more

MSNBC – August 24, 2009

The Business Case for Virtual Business

"Such virtual venues provide a way to chat in a more casual forum, as well as an opportunity to do prototyping and show customers early designs" more

linuxInsider – June 6, 2009

ZDNet Australia
Examining Second Life myths for business

"The other thing they can do as well in controlling who registers in their private area. The registration API allows you to be able to register people for Second Life yourself, and you can send them to their starting location so when they first log in they go to the right place." more

ZDNet Australia – December 3, 2007

Chris Collins From Linden Lab: Stability Is The Key

“Eventually we want to open up everything, every aspect of Second Life, but it’s a massive undertaking and it’s not something we can do overnight.” more

TechCrunch November 21, 2007


"About 33 million money transactions happen every month selling virtual goods and services in Second Life" more

MSNBC – October 29, 2007

Inc Magazine
Marketers Explore New Virtual Worlds

"What is starting to happen now, is that the first couple chapters of how to market in a virtual world are starting to be put into place." more

Wallstreet Journal – October 3, 2007