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Industry Specialities

Virtual worlds have three primary benefits over other virtual collaboration technologies: they have the potential to create truly immersive experiences, they are persistent (not something that must be scheduled or turned on), and they enable interaction to happen in real time. The three industries in which Tipodean Technologies specializes: government, education and the private sector are positioned to take full advantage of these benefits:

Government and Military

  • Deploy immersive training systems to train on expensive, potentially dangerous equipment without putting lives or equipment at risk
  • Prototype the effectiveness of new equipment not yet deployed in the field
  • Transform training environments rapidly
  • Integrate media capabilities to bring in and extend pre-existing LMS as well as VNC, FLASH and interactive web surfaces
  • Simulate capabilities through HLA integration
  • Create AI capabilities for training and simulation

A great video example of NUWC using Second life


  • Extend learning environments beyond the physical classroom
  • Immerse students in a highly collaborative and engaging environment
  • Collaborate with other educational institutions from around the world
  • Conduct conferences cost effectively and quickly, and if desired, with increased frequency

A great example of how Virtual Worlds could revolutionize Education.

Private Sector

  • Deliver training to staff in distributed locations
  • Incorporate training into your current LMS
  • Run internal and external staff meetings and conferences, increasing your engagements while allowing for casual knowledge transfer as teams network
  • Embed media capabilities to leverage current systems on the company network
  • Create the ability for distributed individuals and teams to collaborate informally